Monday, September 17, 2012

ADUM Enterprise Competitive Software Upgrade.

For a limited time, if you own any Quest Software, Scriptlogic Software, ForensiT, NetIQ, Winzero or Microsoft ADMT, it is the best time to take advantage of our competitive upgrade to ADUM Enterprise reg. $649.00 for just $349.00 and learn what ADUM offers over the competition.

ADUM Enterprise Edition gives you a unified unrestricted license for our ADUM Enterprise Edition Software bundle consisting of ADMigrator, ServerMigrator, PasswordCopy, SecuRED and TakeControl as well as a number of OEM and third party administrative tools including any future software releases until Dec 31, 2013.  ADUM Enterprise Edition also includes support and maintenance until Dec 31 2013

This offer is available now for a limited time to existing QUEST, NETIQ, Scriptlogic, ForensiT, MIcrosoft and Winzero customers for just $349.00 USD online only at this special link only.

If you own or use any Quest Software, Scriptlogic Software, ForensiT, NetIQ, Microsoft ADMT, ManageRED ADUM Small business, ADUM Server, Resemble or Winzero Enterprise Toolbox, ITPro Toolbox, WADMIgrator, ServerMigrator, Resemble, ACLReporter, DNSReset, PasswordCopy, SVRCompare, RemoveUnknown or any other discontinued Winzero Software now is the time to ACT!

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

ADUM Features a New Software Licensing Model

You are about to start a migration project; wether it is a windows domain migration or a server migration, you are faced with trying to calculate how many users, mailboxes or servers you have or will need to migrate. Does this sound familiar?

In order to start this migration project you will need to form a budget committee to get approval for third party migration software that is licensed by migrated accounts or number of servers being migrated. Does this sound familiar?

Just before beginning your migration you will need to invite all the migration software developers for a meeting to see if you can get a better price then the absorbent amount originally quoted. Does this sound familiar?

Because this sounds so familiar, ManageRED Software introduces ADUM: the non-restrictive and unlimited migration software bundled solution. No per-user, no per-server and no per-operator licensing required. ADUM requires only one software bundle license without restrictions within one company. The ADUM migration software bundle is licensed to the company not the individual using the software or the number of objects being migrated.

To further enhance the ADUM concept, ManageRED Software has created three (3) software package editions: ADUM Enterprise Edition, ADUM Small Business Edition and the ADUM Server Edition.

You can learn more about ADUM migration software at ManageRED Software including how you can get ADUM free when purchased together with virtual consulting time of a migration expert.

Friday, November 25, 2011

ADUM, Active Directory Ultimate Migrator

ADUM, the Active Directory Ultimate Migrator from ManageRED Software changes the competitive Windows Active Directory and server migration playing field with non-restrictive software licensing including free software when purchased with virtual consulting time of an expert migration specialist.

Save thousands of dollars by purchasing unrestricted unlimited migration software or by purchasing migration consulting services and recieving free software to maximize your migration success. ManageRED Software has decided to give our ADUM software bundles away for FREE if you purchase a minimum amount of virtual consulting time. FREE software and a migration expert to guide you through the process.

Don't reinvent the wheel when it comes to domain migration, Active Directory migration or server migration. Rely on the experts. The Virtual Consultant Service is available using WebEx technology for remote desktop control where the consultant can remotely see and act on the same screen. Whatever the need, the Virtual Consultant can walk the customer through the migration project to get the job done without risks!

ADUM Enterprise unlimited licenses for WADMIgrator, ServerMigrator, PasswordCopy, TakeControl and DNSReset FREE with a minimum purchase of 8 hours virtual consulting used as a draw down in 15 minute increments.

ADUM SBS (small business edition) 100 user license for WADMIgrator and an unlimited licenses for Resemble, PasswordCopy, TakeControl and DNSReset FREE with a minimum purchase of 4 hours virtual consulting used as a draw down in 15 minute increments.

ADUM SVR (server edition) unlimited licenses for ServerMigrator, PasswordCopy, TakeControl and DNSReset FREE with a minimum purchase of 2 hours virtual consulting used as a draw down in 15 minute increments.

ADUM Active Directory Ultimate Migrator...

Download it, Try it and Compare it...

Learn how you can get your own free ADUM ENT software...

Whether you are migrating from Windows 200x to Windows 2008R2, ADUM gives you access to a migration expert to get you started or answers help overcome challenges you require to migrate user account, groups and shares to a new or existing Active Directory domains or server

Friday, July 22, 2011

ManageRED PasswordCopy - The only software to copy passwords to Windows 2008 R2.

Microsoft Windows administrators are faced with impossible challenges, in copying passwords or synchronizing passwords between server accounts that involve a 64 bit Windows server.

In order to overcome this challenge, ManageRED Software today announced the release of ManageRED PasswordCopy. PasswordCopy comprises of 2 integrated components that further extend ManageRED Software’s Windows product line. These new solutions allow Administrators to copy and synchronize server account passwords or domain account passwords whether they are located on 32 bit or 64 bit Windows servers.

Server level password migration

ManageRED PasswordCopy at the Server level - is the only password copy solution incorporating the latest 64 bit Windows technology, that can be scheduled to copy, migrate or synchronize computer local user account passwords between Windows NT, W2K, W2K3 W2k8 and W2K8 R2 member Servers.

Domain level password migration

ManageRED PasswordCopy at the Domain level – allows administrators to successfully copy passwords, migrate passwords or synchronize passwords between user accounts between Windows NT4 / Windows 2000/ 2003/ 2008 Active Directory domain in real time or schedule synchronization at a predefined time.

ManageRED also includes a free copy of N-able Technologies PWDManager software - allowing administrators to Report, Edit, Set, or Manage Account passwords by domains, servers and workstations remotely and easily.

“The addition of ManageRED Software PasswordCopy to our product line further solidifies ManageRED Software’s commitment to the Microsoft Solutions market,” said Diane Merasty, technical strategist for ManageRED Software Software. “Along with award-winning products, ManageRED PasswordCopy simplifies the manual, time-intensive and sometimes impossible (64 bit) tasks associated with Windows server and domain management.”

ManageRED Software has released the new 64 bit password copy solution as a sinificant upgrade to their existing software line. PasswordCopy is be available directly from the ManageRED website for an introductory price of $99.00 USD for an unlimited enterprise license. There is no excuse not to own your own copy of passwordCopy. Download it. Try it. Compare it. Buy it and save.

About ManageRED
ManageRed Software is a leading provider of Microsoft Windows management software worldwide enabling customers to centralize and reduce repetitive administration, migration and ongoing day to day Windows management while benefiting from reduced risk and improved operational efficiencies. ManageRED Website.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Free Active Directory Reporting Tool - ADSearch and Report.

ManageRED ADsearch and Report gives you the FREE tools you need to report on Active Directory users, groups computers, OUs, contacts, printers, shares and Exchange properties. The sheer number possible Active Directory searches and reports makes this tool very valuable for any AD admin trying to keep track of Active Directory and all it contains.

Free Active Directory Reports

Exchange and Active Directory do not provide any reporting tools, so administrators must scroll through the Global Address List (GAL) manually, searching for their targets. This means maintaining Exchange and Active Directory can be time consuming and laborious. All too often, information is not kept accurate - there just isn't enough time.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Empower your administrators with ManageRED ADSeaech and Report, a simple free search and reporting tool that allows administrators to view or print accurate reports on objects within your directory or GAL. Out-of-the-box, ADSearch contains canned reports every administrator cannot live without.

Flexible Active Directory Reporting

Managing groups and distribution lists is a time consuming task for administrators, that's why we created The search Feature. Now we bring you an additional tool that lets you easily build custom informative reports about your AD objects. Without ADSearch you may be wondering how many groups contain no members, who are the owners of all the groups or even, when a group was last modified. Having this type of data available is not only helpful but smart, as you will always stay informed on your directory.

Since ADSEarch, reports from either Exchange properties or Active Directory you must have either of the two installed to report from, however ADSearch does not have to be installed on an Exchange server or Active Directory server.

What does ADSearch and Report offer?

ManageRED ADSearch reduces administration workload and the cost of miscommunications. Best of all, ADSearch and Report is absolutely free! This translates to value for your organization, both for your users and for your bottom line.

ADSEarch is dynamically configurable to offers reports on any Active Directory object property or attribute. Allowing you to keep track of such important things as “groups and members”, “groups with no owners”, “groups that have no members”, “users who are locked out”, “users without a department”, “computers that have never logged into the network”, and many more. Active Directory Reports are customizable so that you can have the templates that come with ADSearch and add as many LDAP attributes as you need for your Active Directory reporting needs

How to get your Free ADSearch solution:

Visit the ManageRED website or go directly to the download page to get your free ADSearch and Report solution.

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