Sunday, September 26, 2010

Free Active Directory Reporting Tool - ADSearch and Report.

ManageRED ADsearch and Report gives you the FREE tools you need to report on Active Directory users, groups computers, OUs, contacts, printers, shares and Exchange properties. The sheer number possible Active Directory searches and reports makes this tool very valuable for any AD admin trying to keep track of Active Directory and all it contains.

Free Active Directory Reports

Exchange and Active Directory do not provide any reporting tools, so administrators must scroll through the Global Address List (GAL) manually, searching for their targets. This means maintaining Exchange and Active Directory can be time consuming and laborious. All too often, information is not kept accurate - there just isn't enough time.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Empower your administrators with ManageRED ADSeaech and Report, a simple free search and reporting tool that allows administrators to view or print accurate reports on objects within your directory or GAL. Out-of-the-box, ADSearch contains canned reports every administrator cannot live without.

Flexible Active Directory Reporting

Managing groups and distribution lists is a time consuming task for administrators, that's why we created The search Feature. Now we bring you an additional tool that lets you easily build custom informative reports about your AD objects. Without ADSearch you may be wondering how many groups contain no members, who are the owners of all the groups or even, when a group was last modified. Having this type of data available is not only helpful but smart, as you will always stay informed on your directory.

Since ADSEarch, reports from either Exchange properties or Active Directory you must have either of the two installed to report from, however ADSearch does not have to be installed on an Exchange server or Active Directory server.

What does ADSearch and Report offer?

ManageRED ADSearch reduces administration workload and the cost of miscommunications. Best of all, ADSearch and Report is absolutely free! This translates to value for your organization, both for your users and for your bottom line.

ADSEarch is dynamically configurable to offers reports on any Active Directory object property or attribute. Allowing you to keep track of such important things as “groups and members”, “groups with no owners”, “groups that have no members”, “users who are locked out”, “users without a department”, “computers that have never logged into the network”, and many more. Active Directory Reports are customizable so that you can have the templates that come with ADSearch and add as many LDAP attributes as you need for your Active Directory reporting needs

How to get your Free ADSearch solution:

Visit the ManageRED website or go directly to the download page to get your free ADSearch and Report solution.

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