Monday, September 29, 2008

Winzero Offers Expertise to Assist with Windows Server Migrations

Winzero not only offers server migration software but engages with customers by offering expert advice.

Winzero Technologies announced today a unique service offering, which will accelerate the deployment of Microsoft Windows Server platform replacements, upgrades and consolidations. This service offering will provide Winzero customers with both Winzero's ServerMigrator software and Winzero's consulting expertise to simplify server migration and server consolidation projects.

Winzero ServerMigrator is the only online Windows data and server security migration product that enables organizations to seamlessly automate the migration of Windows server users, passwords, local groups, files, folders, shares, permissions and security.

With the addition of expert advice from Winzero consultants to decide what type of migration method is best for an organization, from planning to step by step use of winzero serverMigrator, will allow customers to perform server migration and server consolidation projects with greater ease and reduced risks.

"Mission critical server migrations involve a lot more than just copying data,” said Akos Sandor, VP of Microsoft Solutions, Winzero Technologies. “Migrating data is the easy part. Maintaining access to that data during the migration and maintaining correct permissions to the migrated data are the challenges at the heart of every successful server migration project. By offering mission critical extend support and best-in-class software is the need that Winzero ServerMigrator and Winzero Virtual Consulting services addresses."

When migrating data from one server to another, administrators simply focus on moving the files and folders. The Winzero server migration solution includes moving all data sets related to the files and folders to ensure the target server has an exact copy of the functional environment of the source server. That is why ServerMigrator provides a comprehensive migration solution including the copying of: files and folders along with their NTFS permissions settings, shares and share permissions, local users, with properties and passwords, and local groups with additional built-in migration tools to address all server migration scenarios from member servers, domain controllers, network attached storage devices and unconnected servers (NCS Migration).

"Windows file Servers provide companies with high data availability, easy browser-based access and fast, simple integration into existing infrastructure," said JP Hann, Marketing Director, Winzero Technologies. "Winzero ServerMigrator enables customers to migrate existing data off end-of-lease, and old failing servers onto new Windows servers without disruption and downtime. We believe that in combination, Winzero ServerMigrator software and our Virtual Mission Critical Consulting Services will remove the learning-curve barriers and help organizations reduce time, costs and effort required for their server migration projects."

Pricing and Availability
Pricing for Winzero ServerMigrator starts at $98 USD per server, with volume discounts available.

Pricing for Extended Virtual Mission Critical Support is available as prepaid drawdown hours starting at just $74.00/hr USD and used in 15 minute increments.

For more information and to download an evaluation version of ServerMigrator visit the Winzero website.

About Winzero
Winzero Technologies is a leading provider of Microsoft Windows migration and management software worldwide enabling customers to reduce repetitive administration, migration and ongoing day to day Windows management while benefitting from reduced risk and improved operational costs.

Media Contact:
JP Hann, Director of Marketing
Winzero Technologies

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