Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Windows 64bit Server Password Copy Software

Winzero Technologies (WinzeroTech) has revealed the ship date for their first application to utilize 64 bit password copy functionality: Winzero Local Account Migrator (WLAM3264). The release date sets the software readily available for the release of Microsoft Windows 2008 R2.

With the release of the Winzero Local Account Migrator(WLAM3264), a Windows 64 bit account and password migration solution, Winzero Technologies will be the first software provider to offer a complete software solution set to migrate customers to Microsoft Windows 64 bit server platforms.
Many businesses are considering moving to Microsoft 64 bit platforms such as Microsoft Server 2008 from their current 32 bit platform. Winzero will integrate the new 64bit migration technology set into tools designed to migrate Windows servers and Active Directory domains.

Winzero CEO, Akos Sandor revealed the company's launch plans in an interview Friday morning. "The feedback from customers has been over whelming. Furthermore, as customers adopt Windows 64 bit Servers, we want them to know that Winzero offers the best of breed migration tools and the technical expertise they need to successfully migrate to their new 64 bit Windows platforms”.

Winzero Local Account Migrator will be available for download from the Winzero website on Nov 16th 2009.

The new 64 bit password copy solution will be a significant upgrade to their existing software line: Winzero Active Directory Migrator (WADMigrator), PasswordCopy and ServerMigrator, which will include the 64 bit password migration option, starting December 2009 to ensure that a Windows server or domain migration is transparent to end-users.

PasswordCopy, ServerMigrator and WADMigrator with the 64 bit password copy feature will be available for purchase directly from Winzero or through Winzero's global partner and resellers’ network.

About Winzero
Winzero Technologies (WinzeroTech) is a leading provider of Microsoft Windows migration and management software worldwide enabling customers to centralize and reduce repetitive administration, migration and ongoing day to day Windows management.

Media Contact:
JP Hann, Director of Marketing
Winzero Technologies