Saturday, March 15, 2008

Winzero Takes On New Markets With Small Business Licensing.

“Getting the right software solutions into the hands of IT Professionals is as simple as a few clicks.”

Today Winzero Technologies announced it has significantly accelerated its entry into the small business IT market, thanks to a new software licensing model for small to medium businesses. Combining single user licenses with a new internal Green policy, Winzero empowered its marketing and sales force to better reach Windows systems administrators by streamlining the traditional sales process and cutting the software sales cycle.

The Canadian and U.S. based Winzero Technologies develops Windows based IT enterprise Software for some of the largest and most successful businesses worldwide. Through single user licensing of Winzero's most popular software products, Windows administrators, consultants and IT professionals can gain access to software solutions quickly and online at a fraction of the enterprise license price.

The ability to rapidly respond to customers needs with inexpensive software solutions gives Winzero the agility it needs as it works to grow revenue in the small to medium business market segments, connecting to new customers and helping to increase sales within these new markets.

"Our Single User Licensing model implementation was essential for us to establish a commanding position in the small to medium business market that employs only one to four systems administrators," said JP Hann, Director of Marketing, Winzero Technologies. "Based on the new single user licensing model getting software solutions into the hands of Windows administrators is as simple as a few clicks, from our website; administrative, migration and security software solutions are available when and how they are needed to solve IT challenges."

According to Gartner, Inc., small business technologies represents one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry, with the worldwide market for IT software solutions predicted to grow to more than $142 billion by 2011.

"One of the challenges in IT today is the length of time and costs to acquire software solutions. With businesses getting more and more time-to-solutions-focused, this time factor really comes into play and can create a barrier between IT professionals who implement solutions and Business Managers," said Akos Sandor, Vice President, Microsoft Solutions at Winzero. "The combination of electronic single user licensing, reduced costs and fast availability can easily address the needs of an individual or a workgroup within an IT department."

As a result, the Winzero Single User Licensing Model will dramatically decrease the sales cycle time to benefit and costs providing solutions to administrators, system engineers and IT consultants that are responsible for and who support small to medium business infrastructures.

In addition, single user licensing eliminates the need for budget approvals, software purchasing committee meetings and delays in software delivery each and every time a new software solution is required; now it's as simple as a few clicks.

About Winzero
Winzero Technologies is a leading provider of Microsoft Windows management software worldwide enabling customers to centralize and reduce repetitive administration, migration and on going day to day Windows management while benefitting from reduced risk and improved operational efficiencies.

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Media Contact:
JP Hann, Director of Marketing
Winzero Technologies