Sunday, December 4, 2011

ADUM Features a New Software Licensing Model

You are about to start a migration project; wether it is a windows domain migration or a server migration, you are faced with trying to calculate how many users, mailboxes or servers you have or will need to migrate. Does this sound familiar?

In order to start this migration project you will need to form a budget committee to get approval for third party migration software that is licensed by migrated accounts or number of servers being migrated. Does this sound familiar?

Just before beginning your migration you will need to invite all the migration software developers for a meeting to see if you can get a better price then the absorbent amount originally quoted. Does this sound familiar?

Because this sounds so familiar, ManageRED Software introduces ADUM: the non-restrictive and unlimited migration software bundled solution. No per-user, no per-server and no per-operator licensing required. ADUM requires only one software bundle license without restrictions within one company. The ADUM migration software bundle is licensed to the company not the individual using the software or the number of objects being migrated.

To further enhance the ADUM concept, ManageRED Software has created three (3) software package editions: ADUM Enterprise Edition, ADUM Small Business Edition and the ADUM Server Edition.

You can learn more about ADUM migration software at ManageRED Software including how you can get ADUM free when purchased together with virtual consulting time of a migration expert.

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