Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Winzero ServerMigrator v7.00 with Windows 2008 R2 Support

Winzero Technologies, a leading developer of Microsoft Windows migration software, today announced ServerMigrator version 7.00 with support for Windows 2008R2 64 bit servers, enabling enterprises to easily migrate or consolidating Windows data while maintaining security permissions and online user access.

With the growing need to migrate local accounts and local account passwords, IT departments have had no software solutions until now to copy account passwords to 64 bit 2008R2 Servers. ServerMigrator makes it easy to migrate local accounts, passwords, local groups with members, server data, NTFS and share permissions from many Windows source servers without time-consuming and technically cumbersome processes.

"ServerMigrator automates the task of consolidating or migrating servers without losing permissions or taking data off-line. Since its release, customers involved with server migration projects, have been asking for a version that specifically allows them to move users, passwords, groups and data to Windows 2008R2 Servers," said Akos Sandor, new CEO at Winzero. "Today, we are pleased to announce ServerMigrator v7.00 which addresses this need and is a result of custom development by Winzero."

"Customers deploying Microsoft Windows 2008R2 will benefit greatly from the improved data availability and automated preservation of security settings that ServerMigrator offers," said Diane Merasty, senior director of product research at Winzero. "By combining customer requests and Winzero development efforts, we now provide a solution to our customers that make data consolidation and server migration painless with decreased network costs."

New ServerMigrator features allow administrators to:
- Migrate data to physical and virtual Windows 2008R2 servers;
- Migrate local accounts with passwords to 64bit Windows 2008R2 servers;
- Grant users normal access to information throughout the process;
- Maintain data security permissions throughout the migration;
- Ensure that the migration is transparent to end users.

About Winzero
Winzero Technologies is a leading developer of Microsoft Windows migration software worldwide and is distributed exclusively through Crestview Solutions. For more information, please visit http://www.winzero.ca.

About Crestview
About Crestview Solutions is a leading provider of software and services, partnering with the world leading independent software vendors in management, migration, audting, security, reporting and troubleshooting of Active Directory, Exchange, OWA, DNS and Windows. Visit http://www.crestviewsolutions.com

Media Contact:
JP Hann, Director of Marketing
Winzero Technologies