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Winzero Offers Tools, Services And Best Practices for Windows Domain Migration

Software Solutions, Expert Advice and Step by-Step Process to Ensure a Seamless Domain Migrations

Ottawa, CDN. – Aug 4, 2008 – In a recent survey of IT executives and managers, Winzero Research analyst Joel Martin reported that 70 percent of the respondents that were involved in company mergers, acquisitions or company reorganizations had never completed or were not actively involved with a domain migration. While reducing costs was named as a primary motivating factor, Winzero has observed that the lack of guidelines or tools was a major issue. Winzero offers best practices and provides professional services and software tools that enables a seamless transparent domain migratione without disruption to the end-user.

“Because domain migration projects are complex,” said Akos Sandor, vice president of Microsoft Enterprise Solutions, “One way to solve this complexity of not knowing where to begin, Winzero not only offers domain migration tools, but engages with the customer by offering expert advice, a step by step process and professional services, either virtual or onsite that works within their budget. There is a genuine need for the type of knowledge that Winzero provides and the solutions that Winzero offers.”

Winzero offers three solutions for Windows domain migration projects:

Winzero Expert Advice
The Winzero Windows Domain Migration blog and the "19 Steps to Domain Migration" is available free of charge. The Domain Migration Blog is dynamic and ongoing that provides valuable advice from a variety of domain migration experts, to guide and identify critical challenges for a sucessful domain migration project. Expert advice from Winzero consultants helps to decide what type of migration method is best for an organization, and how to plan and execute the migration. The Migration blog also illustrates step by step how Winzero solutions integrate in managing and performing a domain migration project with greater ease and reduced risks.

Winzero Enterprise Toolbox - the software solution
As a compliment to the expert advice, Winzero has a number of tools to ease the pain of domain migration projects in a single consolidated software package - Enterprise Toolbox. The latest version of Enterprise toolbox includes all Winzero tools to perform each step of the migration of moving critical domain objects with minimal downtime as well as ongoing assessment and validation tools.

Winzero Virtual or Onsite Professional services
“Everyone is looking for ways to cut costs, by combining the software solutions required and professional services, is one of the easiest ways to do that,” said JP Hann, director of marketing at Winzero. “The catch is making sure you don't accidentally cut access because of planning mistakes or execution problems. The bottom line is to help companies achieve success in their migration efforts. Winzero domain migration expertise, along with Winzero software and Virtual or onsite professional services, can make the difference.”

Winzero Virtual Domain Migration
The Winzero Virtual Domain Migration offering includes Winzero Enterprise Toolbox and a virtual consultant from start to finish for any domain migration, domain reconfiguration or domain consolidation project. Customers can gain access to the expertise of our consultants, software and product specialists without the cost associated with an onsite consultants.

Winzero Onsite Domain Migration
Winzero provides experts anywhere in North America or Europe. Migration experts well versed in the use of Winzero products as well as in the Microsoft infrastructure. Experts who assist your team with a variety of projects—including Active Directory and Exchange migration to ensure Winzero products work effectively in your particular environment.

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About Winzero
Winzero Technologies is a leading provider of Microsoft Windows management software worldwide enabling customers to centralize and reduce repetitive administration, migration and ongoing day to day Windows management while benefitting from reduced risk and improved operational efficiencies.

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